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About Us

A reflection of company's internal system.
  • Company Profile

    The origin of Perry Impex can be traced to as far back as 1970, when Mr. Popatlal Mangukiya started in the diamond business on a small scale in the Diamond city of Surat. In the year 1997 this business was converted into a partnership firm. This business was then converted into a Perry Impex in the year 2010. The company is able to provide a stable supply of diamonds at competitive prices with stringent quality control. Perry Impex is committed to produce high quality wholesome product that meets the customer expectation. Each individual at every level is quality conscious and responsible at every level.
  • Founder's Message

    The Chairman, Mentor and Founder of the Perry Group. He laid down the foundation of the Group in early 70's. He always believed that growth of an organization and graph of its personnel will go hand-in-hand and will complement and reinforce each other. He put his footprint in those days when Diamond, Gems & Jewellery Industry of India were taking child steps on world map. All thanks to his tremendous ability to understand Diamonds, Diamond manufacturing, he became a pioneer business personality of diamond trade for consistently four decade of time. His motto has been very simple - to scale new heights with regard to growth and quality of our products and services without compromising on ethical standards.
  • Milestone

    Take a tour through the history of the Perry Group and describe the most important milestones in its past.

    Each & Every milestone has played an pivotal role in building our relations with our customers strong.
    Each milestone reflects the amount of energy & dedication invested by Perry group's employees through out its history.
  • Infrastructure

    Good infrastructure and amenities are crucial to create sustainable & growing company. With solid modern manufacturing facility & 900 craftsmen working to turn every stone into a gem of its Perry Impex's has laid a strong foundation for their daily operations which results in better service towards their customers. At the heart of the group's manufacturing is the Enterprise Resource Planning IT system, developed in-house to control, monitor and integrate the production facility. Hence every penny invested in infrastructure of company has given returns with fruitful results.
  • Our Team

    Perry Impex has very strong & intellectual team, through them the company has achieved greater heights. It's due to their determination & hard efforts by Perry Impex has marked its name in diamond industry. Every team member possess different skills & expertise in their respective fields which helps the company to excel & become a frontier in field of diamonds. The ultimate goal of every Perry Impex's employee is to provide the best service & satisfaction to their customers at any cost.
    Henry Ford once said "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." The same holds for our team.