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A brief glimpse of Perry Impex's history.
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    The origin of Perry Impex can be traced as far back from 1978, when Mr. Popatlal Mangukiya started in the Diamond business on a small scale in Surat. In the year 1997 this business was converted into a partnership firm. This business was then converted into a Perry Impex in the year 2010. The company is able to provide a stable supply of diamonds at competitive prices with stringent quality control. Perry Impex is committed to produce high quality wholesome product that meets the customer expectation. Each individual at every level is quality conscious and responsible at every level.

    With affiliates across New York, Hong Kong, China, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata the Company has carved a niche in the dynamic international diamond industry. Offering world class diamonds, White, Next to White, OW, TTLB and Dark Brown Diamond from(0.005 to 0.50 cts) small size to large size of round, full cut diamonds almost all clarities manufactured at our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility in Surat & Saurashtra in Gujarat.

    The Company is globally renowned for best standards in Cut, Polish and Symmetry, resulting in an exceptional level of fire and brilliance.

    It owes its success to the encouraging trust of their customers, the loyal support of their associates and teams of professionals, creative designers & deft artisans whose sparkling contribution has added a sparkling brilliance in its growth story.

    Perry Impex promises to meet the high demands of its perceptive customers and exist to its commitment as a reliable organization by ensuring in line unity of corporate social responsibility, environmental sanctity and philanthropic charity.

    At the heart of the group's manufacturing is the Enterprise Resource Planning system, developed in-house to control, monitor and integrate the production facility. This allows the group's senior management to monitor and control the entire manufacturing unit from around the world, covering everything from planning to manufacturing to payrolls. For the customer this means we achieve top quality, production flexibility, and long range scheduling and forecasting capacity. In addition it allows us to respond rapidly to your order prioritizing our urgent demand and keeping our production in touch with changing market trends and demands.

    The Company has an advanced capability Research & Development department which constantly tests and develops new technology for our production. This department is also responsible for analyzing market trends to capture current best practice and developing new cuts and parameters to push the art and science of diamond manufacturing to new levels.

    Our facilities operate according to the principles of manufacturing pipe-line integrity which means we can track the progress of any diamond from the moment we receive it to its final form. Perry Impex has made goal to listen to customer desires and design innovative products that produce sense of luxury and complete satisfaction, world Class fashion-quick, reliable, sustained and professional. Company is providing on time delivery and wide range to select.


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