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    Diamond Division

    With state of the art manufacturing unit located at Surat around 900 artisans carving every gem at their best & superior quality. It provides a cutting edge to the Company with skilled labour combined with top of the range machinery, laser system, technology and tools.

    Manufactures all types of shapes as per the market demand - hence you can procure goods that are in actual demand, hereby not blocking your working capital. Globally renowned for best standards in Cut, Polish and Symmetry, resulting in an exceptional level of fire and brilliance.

    Our more than 85% of our diamonds are Excellent Cut diamonds, highlighting our precision in manufacturing.

    At the heart of the Group's manufacturing is the Enterprise Resource Planning IT system, developed in-house to control, monitor and integrate the production facility. This allows the Group's senior management to monitor and control the entire manufacturing unit from around the world, covering everything from planning to manufacturing to payrolls. For the customer this means we achieve top quality, production flexibility, and long range scheduling and forecasting capacity. In addition it allows us to respond rapidly to your order prioritizing our urgent demand and keeping our production in touch with changing market trends and demands.

    Our facilities operate according to the principles of manufacturing pipe-line integrity which means we can track the progress of any diamond from the moment we receive it to its final form.

    Jewellery Division

    Perry Group has expanded its integrated facility for the manufacture of Diamond Jewelleries. The Jewellery unit was established during 2013-2014 to meet the increased demand of the Diamond Jewellery products.

    All aspects of the Jewellery manufacturing are in conformity with International Standards. The Factory spread over 10,000 sq. ft. area. is a showpiece specialized in manufacturing of all types of Diamond Jewelleries in Gold namely Rings, Bracelets, Necklace, and Earrings etc.



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